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Yolo County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

SELPA Logo  

The goal of the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is to deliver high quality special education programs and services to special needs students in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. The Yolo County SELPA serves the following districts: Davis Joint Unified, Esparto Unified, Washington Unified, Winters Joint Unified, Woodland Joint Unified, and the Yolo County Office of Education.


As the SELPA's Administrative Unit, the Yolo County Office of Education receives funds and is responsible for seeing that every eligible child receives appropriate services. In addition to administrative support, the SELPA helps districts comply with legal requirements concerning students with disabilities, and provides professional development activities to foster better relationships between schools and the families of special needs students. Over 3,000 special education students and their families receive services from the Yolo County SELPA.


California Department of Education Definition of SELPA:


SELPA Assistant Superintendent/Director: Carolynne Bottum

Phone: (530) 668-3787

Fax:  (530) 668-3827


SELPA Program Specialist: Lisa Young


Phone: (530) 668-3760

Fax:  (530) 668-3827


SELPA Administrative Assistant: Vinceena Irgens

E mail:

Phone: (530) 668-3786

Fax: (530) 668-3827


Click here for driving directions to the Yolo County Office of Education.

Public Hearing Notice for 2015-2016 Annual Budget and Service Plans, with CASEMIS Definitions


 Child Find Notice for 2015-2016


SELPA Calendar



The Community Advisory Committee is an organization of parents, educators and community members. This advisory committee provides special education inservice training for parents; provides community awareness projects; actively supports special education legislation; facilitates communication among parents, schools and community; sponsors parent support group meetings; and develops special education literature.


2015-2016 CAC Meeting Calendar





Community Advisory Committee Meetings
2015-2016 09.14.15 CAC Agenda 09.14.15 Approved Minutes 09.14.15 CAC Meeting Packet
  10.05.15 CAC Agenda 10.05.15 CAC Approved Minutes 10.05.15 CAC Meeting Items
  11.02.15 CAC Agenda   11.02.15 CAC Meeting Item
  01.11.16 CAC Agenda    


05.18.15 CAC Agenda 05.18.15 Approved Minutes  
04.13.15 04.13.15 CAC Agenda   04.13.15 CAC Meeting Packet
03.02.15 03.02.15 CAC Agenda 03.02.15 CAC Minutes  
02.02.15 02.02.15 CAC Agenda 02.02.15 CAC Minutes  
01.12.15 01.12.15 CAC Agenda 01.12.15 CAC Minutes  
11.03.14 11.03.14 CAC Agenda 11.03.14 CAC Minutes  
10.06.14 10.06.14 CAC Agenda 10.06.14 CAC Minutes  
09.08.14 09.08.14 CAC Agenda 09.08.14 CAC Minutes  
05.12.14 05.12.14 CAC Agenda    
04.07.14 04.07.14 CAC Agenda    
03.03.14 03.03.14 CAC Agenda    
02.03.14 02.03.14 CAC Agenda    
01.13.14 01.13.14 CAC Agenda   01.13.14 CAC Meeting Packet


Program Administrators Committee (PAC), Chief Business Officials (CBO)


Each Local Educational Agency (LEA) Program Administrator of special education is responsible for the coordination of special education services and programs within their agencies and for the implementation of the Local Plan.  The Chief Business Officials are responsible for monitoring financial and budget matters related to special education services within their agency.


2015-2016 PAC PAC/CBO Meeting Calendar             

PAC / CBO Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes Packet
11.18.15 11.18.15 PAC/CBO Agenda   11.18.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
10.21.15 10.21.15 PAC/CBO Agenda   10.21.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
09.16.15 09.16.15 PAC/CBO Agenda   09.16.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
08.19.15 08.19.15 PAC/CBO Agenda   08.19.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
05.20.15 05.20.15 PAC/CBO Agenda   05.20.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
04.15.15 04.15.15 PAC/CBO Agenda 04.15.15 PAC/CBO Approved Minutes 04.15.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
03.18.15 03.18.15 PAC/CBO Agenda 03.18.15 PAC/CBO Approved Minutes 03.18.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
01.21.15 01.21.15 PAC/CBO Agenda 01.21.15 PAC/CBO Approved Minutes 01.21.15 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
11.19.14 11.19.14 PAC/CBO Agenda 11.19.14 PAC/CBO Approved Minutes 11.19.14 PAC/CBO Mtg. Packet
10.29.14 10.29.14 PAC/CBO Agenda 10.29.14 PAC/CBO Approved Minutes 10.29.14 PAC/CBO Meeting Packet
09.17.14 09.17.14 PAC/CBO Agenda 09.17.14 PAC/CBO Approved Minutes 09.17.14 PAC/CBO Meeting Packet
08.20.14 08.20.14 PAC/CBO Agenda 08.20.14 PAC CBO Approved Minutes 08.20.14 PAC/CBO Meeting Packet
05.21.14 05.21.14 PAC/CBO Agenda 05.21.14 PAC CBO Approved Minutes  
04.16.14 04.16.14 PAC/CBO Agenda   04.16.14 PAC PAC/CBO Meeting Packet
03.19.14 03.19.14 PAC/CBO Agenda    
02.19.14 02.19.14 PAC/CBO Agenda    
01.15.14 01.15.14 PAC/CBO Agenda 01.15.14 PAC CBO Approved Minutes 01.15.14 PAC PAC/CBO Meeting Packet


Superintendents' Council Meetings (SCM)


The governing body of the SELPA is the Superintendents’ Council.  Each Local Educational Agency (LEA) Superintendent is responsible for providing input and/or recommendations regarding policies, procedures, and operation of the special education programs through their representation on the Superintendents’ Council.


2015-2016 Superintendents' Council Meeting Calendar

11.09.15 11.09.15 Superintendents' Council Agenda   11.09.15 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
09.14.15 09.14.15 Superintendents' Council Agenda 09.14.15 Superintendents' Council Minutes 09.14.15 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
05.22.15 05.22.15 Superintendents' Council Agenda   05.22.15 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
04.03.15 04.03.15 Superintendents' Council Agenda 04.03.15 Superintendents' Council Minutes 04.03.15 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
03.20.15 03.20.15 Superintendents' Council Agenda 03.20.15 Superintendents' Council Minutes 03.20.15 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
01.23.15 01.23.15 Superintendents' Council Agenda 01.23.15 Superintendents Council Minutes 01.23.15 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
12.09.14 12.09.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda 12.09.14 Superintendents' Council Minutes 12.09.14 Transmittal and Information
11.14.14 11.14.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda 11.14.14 Superintendents' Council Minutes 11.14.14 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
10.17.14 10.17.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda 10.17.14 Superintendents' Council Minutes 10.17.14 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
08.07.14 08.07.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda 08.07.14 Superintendents' Council Minutes 08.07.14 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
07.24.14 07.24.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda 07.24.14 Superintendents' Council Minutes 07.24.14 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
06.12.14 06.12.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda   06.12.14 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet
05.23.14 05.23.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda    
04.11.14 04.11.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda    
02.07.14 02.07.14 Superintendents' Council Agenda   02.07.14 Superintendents' Council Meeting Packet